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Our Systems

Safety &


ScanReach's Connect to People on Board (POB) system,  makes it possible to see a real-time personnel on board overview during emergency situations. This allowing immediate and high precision rescue team involvement and automatic mustering. In addition, Connect Fleet is the interface that provides your fleet managements with valuable date such as a muster training log, search and rescue decision tool. 


Technology Solutions

Climeon's award winning Heat Power 300 Marine System improves on-board energy efficiency and reuses waste heat to produce clean energy. This patent protected product offers market leading performance while cutting fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.

Bawat Ballast Water Management System treats ballast water utilizing the process of pasteurization. One-pass treatment with no filters, no UV and no chemicals. The system is simple and robust with IMO and U.S. Coast Guard Approval. 

Water Treatments

SLCE Watermakers manufactures a high efficiency reverse-osmosis water treatment equipment. The units can produce from 1 to over 1,500 m3/day of fresh, ultra pure water. The system holds a type approval by Bureau Veritas and can be installed on all types of vessels on new buildings or retrofitted on existing ones. 
SLCE engineers and Technonaval technicians follow your project from design to installation and to final delivery.

Advance Filtration

AirSep Walker Engineering offers a wide selection of AIRSEP® filters specially configured for almost every diesel engine made. Designed for reliability and high performance, the AIRSEP® systems are the only ones that offer a washable high performance air filter, a crankcase fumes disposal feature, and an integrated air intake silencer, all in one compact package. Retrofit kits are available for all makes and models of diesel engines making  the system flexible for any application.


North Sea Handling designs and manufactures hatch covers, side shell doors, hydraulic platforms, ramps, cargo elevators, and custom-made access equipment for conversions or new builds. NSH can provide repair and maintenance services worldwide, including China. We can replace hydraulic pipes, sealing rubbers, hydraulic cylinders of side shell doors and embarkation platforms.

Marine Supplies & Cranes

DMW Marine Group offers a complete range of top quality cranes designed exclusively for the marine environment. The cranes are built to withstand a strong side load force.

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