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Technonaval is a marine service provider partnering with leading companies providing outstanding technical competent and reliable solutions. The company has developed on the foundation of engineering knowledge, and management experience gained onboard on major dry dock projects, new building projects, and over 30 years' service in marine operations management of a major cruise operator. We are aligned with the industry’s highest standards focusing on our customer’s satisfaction, safety, public health, environment, and operational excellence.

our mission
At Technonaval we are committed to delivering every service with passion and integrity. We strive to provide high quality and cost efficient services that meet out customer's expectations, while keeping high safety and environmental standards within our group and partners.
our team
Leo Lavdas
Founder and Managing Director

Decisive, results-focused Marine Management Leader with broad experience in strategic planning, leading complex global technical operations, high-volume technical and refit projects. Trusted business partner with integrity, work ethic, and innovative spirit. Known for strong safety and reliability management, combined with a portfolio of accomplishments in guiding and executing industry-recognized operation improvements.

Alexandra Lavda
 of Sales and Marketing Strategy

Business leader with experience in Business Strategy and Marketing. With studies in Business Economics and Finance and a Master Degree in Marketing. Worked in various sectors and liaised with different departments within a business. I enjoy working with different teams on multiple projects, and my motivation is driven by setting SMART goals and analyzing results to improve my team’s and ultimately the business’ performance.

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