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Our Partners

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Muehlhan Cyprus LTD. is part of the Muehlhan Group, listed on Frankfurt stock exchange, with 35 affiliates across Europe, North America, Middle East & rest of the world. The partnership of Technonaval - Muehlhan Cyprus LTD combines technical experience, skilled labor, and solid project management. With the extensive resources and the superior services, we can support your projects during operation or in the dry dock time.


DMW Marine Group,  has a complete range of cranes designed for heavy duty hoisting operations in a marine environment.  The company also provides repair and maintenance services for all on deck machinery on any ship worldwide. DMW Marine Group has been supplying marine cranes of all types to the military, offshore petroleum producers and service providers, oceanographic survey and research vessels, aquaculture, yachts, police and fire departments for over 30 years.


North Sea Handling is an engineering company that designs and manufactures hatch covers, side doors, hydraulic platforms, ramps, cargo elevators, and custom-made access equipment for conversions or new builds. NSH can provide repair and maintenance services worldwide, including China with her subsidiary NSH Poseidon. NSH products are designed for all types of vessels such as Ferries, Cruise ships, Ro-Ro, bulk carriers, Navy vessels, PSVs, Expedition vessels, Research vessels, and more.

ScanReach is a Norwegian company specializing in developing affordable and user-friendly live lifesaving technologies for vessels and offshore installations. They offer a groundbreaking wireless IoT platform for Wireless Fuel Monitoring (Connect Fuel) and Onboard Connectivity to People (Connect POB). Their systems are specifically designed to be used in complex and confined steel environments without retrofitting, heavy cables, or big investments.




Climeon is a public company located in Sweden, listed on the Stockholm Nasdaq Stock Exchange, backed by big names including Bill Gates, Vinod Khosla and Breakthrough Energy Ventures. With power plants already in use by Maersk, Virgin Voyages, Havila Kystruten & Viking Line, Climeon’s proprietary technology accelerates the global transition to a net-zero future. Their Heat Power system uses wasted heat from exhaust gases, engine cooling water, and excess steam to generate clean electricity, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Bawat is a company that manufactures ballast water management systems. Their system is the only one based on one pass pasteurization and approved by U.S. Coast Guard and IMO. This innovative ballast water treatment system utilizes environmentally friendly technology from waste heat energy of the engines instead of chemicals, filters or UV. Their patented technology works efficiently in all water turbidities, salinities and temperatures. Simple, flexible, cost-effective and sustainable, BWMS runs on market leading OPEX. Bawat offers ship installations, mobile containerized solutions and BWT as a service. 


MBR with over 40 years experience undertakes the re-construction, repair and maintenance of energy, marine and industrial hydraulic systems. Their products and services are:

  • Marine Boilers Repairs,

  • Exhaust Gas Economizers and Exhaust Gas Boilers

  • Heat Exchangers: Heaters, Coolers, Evaporators

  • Maintenance & Chemical Cleaning, 

  • Pipe Lines & Heating Coils Welding

  • Insulation & Incinerator Repairs

  • Expansion Bellows Construction,

  •  Safety Valves Repair/ Replacement

AirSep Walker Engineering is a company specializing in filters. AIRSEPS® are designed to meet the increasing popularity of natural gas-fueled engines. For heavy-duty applications, their high-efficiency CCE® series AIRSEP® is the product of choice.  FUELSEP® and ALGAESEP® products also add quality, value, and reduce emissions of diesel powered vessels.

SLCE Watermakers develops reverse-osmosis water treatment equipment for over 30 years. Since then, 7,500 units have been in operation in all types of vessels. The system is well-known in the market for its robustness, reliability, and simplicity. The customer reference list includes major cruise companies, navy ships, and commercial shipping companies that have installed the units on the new buildings or retrofitted the existing ships.
SLCE, located in Britany, France, is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has been a NATO supplier for over  20 years. 

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