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9  /   Introducing our new partner!

We are excited to announce our partnership

with SLCE Watermakers.

8   /   Another Great Project Completion

Smiles all around after an amazing and complex project in Grand Bahamas Ship Yard. Technonaval team diligently completed each task, from the top of the Chimney to the renovation of the Atrium, to the Piping systems, to the Lifeboat Davits, to Engine insulation, to pool water systems, and many more. We want to thank the owners, the management team, and the ship’s officers and crew for their outstanding collaboration and support. We will be happy and grateful to come back and work with such a great team.
7   /   Replenishment at Sea Project 

Technonaval received a request from Crowley Government Services to execute its first replenishment at sea project within a short period of time. The evolution signaled that Technonaval was “ready for the challenge.” “There’s been a lot of hard work and collaboration leading up to this point, and the entire ship’s company and Technonaval team are incredibly proud of what has been achieved. This outcome is a product of all parties involved, most importantly with zero accidents. Safety was our primary and continuous focus from the beginning to the end.”   
“Today, you have successfully proved that the capabilities and the quality of the work of Technonaval is, according to the US Military standards, the highest in the industry” said the leader of the project, Mr. Upi Kamal.                                   
The project involved heavy lift equipment, specialized partners for the loading tests, skilled and certified welders, riggers, the crew of the vessel, the management of the Crowley, the Marine Design office, MSC Supervisors, DNV Surveyors, specialized machine workshops, ship’s agent, Shipyard, various suppliers etc.                                                                                                         
After commissioning, the ship successfully completed a number of sea trials that tested and evaluated the systems in real operation. We are pleased that Technonaval has risen to each and every challenge in admirable fashion and promoted flexibility to the project needs and the owner's schedule. This experience and knowledge are the most valuable tools for future opportunities. We want to thank Crowley Government Services and ship’s management and crew for the collaboration and support over the past few months. 

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6   /   Successful Project Completion

Technonaval is ready to disembark after completing the press-fitting pipping project in two Carnival Cruise vessels. We want to thank all the people for making this project successful, particularly the Ship's Officers and crew for the outstanding support they provided during the implementation of the project.
5   /   Together for Sustainability

Technonaval proudly represents Climeon, the world's leader for converting low-temperature heat to clean electricity. We are thrilled to be part of the sustainable cruising journey of Virgin Voyages. Sir Richard Brandson is a committed advocate for Ocean Sustainability and a clean fuel revolution in global shipping. We are happy, Technonaval and Climeon share the same values and vision for a better world. 
4   /   Meeting with an industry leader

Founder and Managing Director of Technonaval, Leonidas Lavdas, met with the chairman of MSC Cruises USA and former CEO of Celebrity Cruises, Rick Sasso. It is commonly admitted that Richard Sasso is one of the top leaders in the Maritime industry and it is a life experience and privilege.
3  /   We have moved to our new offices

We are excited to announce that we moved to our brand new offices! 

Our new address:

12150 SW 128 Court

 Suite 120,  Miami, FL 33186

Muehlhan Partnersip[ News Web Tecknonaval.JPG
2  /   New Partnership with Muehlhan

We are excited to announce our partnership with Muehlhan.

Bawat Partnership News web Techonaval.JPG
1   /   New Partnership with BAWAT

We are excited to announce our partnership with BAWAT.

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