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Our Services

Steel Construction & Repairs

Technonaval offers a wide range of integrated services in the maritime industry. Our teams of certified technicians from Classification Societies are approved to work with different materials like SMO 254, stainless steel, Cunifer, high tensile steels etc. Technonaval holds various class approved procedures such as repairing the fire door frame cracks, replacing tank top steel plates, repairing Lifeboat davits or repairing stainless steel scrubber's tanks and many more. Our ability to quickly deploy teams from either Europe or South America, depending on the vessel's location and the required skills, demonstrates our flexibility and response time. 



We are expanding our network to offer our underwater services across the globe. Our teams are dedicated to take on any project on any type of vessel with professionalism and efficiency.

Our Services include:

  • Hull Cleaning

  • Propeller Polishing/Cleaning/Repairs

  • CCTV-Photographic Inspection// (Annual Class Certification)

  • Welding works including hull repairs, radar repairs, valves, sacrificial anodes etc.

The areas we cover are:

  • USA ( East and West Coast)

  • S. America (Panama, Brazil, Venezuela, the Caribbean)

  • North Europe

  • Mediterranean ( Gibraltar)

  • South Africa

  • Asia (Singapore, China)

Deck Machinery Services

DMW Group along with manufacturing and installing cranes, it  offers repair and maintenance services for deck machinery including cranes, deck winches, capstans, chain stoppers,  air receivers, Z drives, hull fittings, preservation and installs on any ship worldwide.

Boiler Repairs or Tubing

Marine Boiler Repairs has the expertise for the below:

  • Exhaust Gas Economizers and Exhaust Gas Boilers (Retubing & steel works)

  • Incinerator – Rebuilding and refractory repairs

  • Fabrication of Heat Exchanger and Heating Coils

  • Custom made Expansion Bellows for exhaust gas or Steam heaters

  • Fabrication or repairs of hot water or heavy fuel heaters

  • Retubing of evaporators

  • Chemical Cleaning of the boilers

  • Safety Valves Repair/ Replacement during dry dock period

If you want to find out more info or discuss an upcoming project, we are here to help.

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